Monday, November 20, 2006

Ryan told me one night that he had heard of beard growing contests in Turkey and I thought he said "beard grooming contests" which there might also be. I think we should suggest that McNiell's, the town microbrewery/our favorite bar host such an event in the middle of winter to help ward off cabin fever. I would style Ryan's beard and take top prize...

Houses on the hill above the cotton mill parking lot. We went to explore the huge building and saw people practicing in the trapeze gym on the third floor.

The leaf scarf is done! I think I want to make another in a less fuzzy/plushy yarn.

Holla pumpkintime! Virginia gave us the nicest little pumpkin. It has already become part of pumpkin pastries and will also be in the thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

Sorry for the very sporatic posting--I still don't have a camera and I'm working on not getting myself into a reading coma right after dinner every night.

Today I start volunteering at the public library (woot!) and am going to talk to the people at The In-sight Photography Project about co-teaching one of the upcoming classes for kids.

Sunday, November 05, 2006